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International Business Journals-ISSN 2348-4063 is a registered publication. Our objective is to build a common platform of knowledge which is easily accessible to any individual.

We wish to invite students, research scholars and experts to share knowledge in any form of artifacts such as research papers, articles, case study and book reviews. If selected, they will be published in our Monthly Publication.

Articles published in our Journals are made permanently free for everyone to access immediately upon publication.

International Business Journals protects the copyright of all the publications legally certifying the authorship of your papers. We automatically digitally certify the authorship and keep record that can be consulted in case of plagiarism or unlawful use of your contents.

Message from the Editor


International Business Journals is a platform to share original content at a very nominal cost. To maintain high standards, we strictly validate the submitted content for plagiarism.

The topics could be based on the research or best practice approach across industries, sectors, platforms, technologies and/or processes. These may include : Accountancy, Banking, Economics, E-commerce, Financial consolidation, Planning, Corporate reporting, Technology Enablement, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, and Science to name a few.

The author is requested to share the soft copy of their artifact as per the prescribed format and process shared under section ‘Author Resources’. We request you to participate in this endeavor towards spreading knowledge and contributing towards building a better world.

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Editor in Chief – International Business Journals