Digital Transformation: A Step-by-step Approach towards Digitalisation of Organisations


In this digital era, every organisation aspires for becoming digitally capable. But only a few are able to transform their business into digital organisations. The major component of digital transformation like organisation culture is itself a challenge for digital transformation. The organisations are working in silos, which is a road block in the process of the transformation. The objective of this paper is to provide a roadmap for the strategic governance of the digital transformation in the organisation. The paper chalks out the components, strategies and stages for designing any digital transformation plan on the basis of the review of literature done, by following the trends in the market as ascertained from recent publications.  As most of the organisations are craving to become digital but have less means of planning a proper digital transformation plan, this paper has deciphered upon a step-by-step approach towards successful planning and implementation of digital transformation. Role of leaders and the board is broadening and the responsibility of transformation needs to be taken for ensuring a competitive advantage in the digital world.

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Keywords: Digital Transformation, Digitisation of Organizations
Categories: February 2016