Green Marketing – Challenges and Issues in India

Green marketing is assumed to be marketing of products which are environmentally safe. It is a phenomenon which has developed its particular importance in the modern market. In the modern and competitive world it has turned around on us as our priority to keep our ecology safe. This concept has lead to re-marketing and packaging of existing products which already adhere to such guidelines. It has opened up way out for companies to co-brand their product.

The Paper aims at finding out what actually Green Marketing is all about and how can a business firm be more competitive by using green marketing strategies. It explores the main issues in adoption of green marketing practices. The paper describes the current Scenario of Indian market with focus of golden rule and 4p’s of marketing and explores the challenges and opportunities businesses have with green marketing. Why companies are adopting it? What is its future? The paper is purely a theoretical work based on data collected from various reports and journals.

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