Human Resource Management Practices in Health Sector Public Private Partnership Initiatives


With the rapid growth in the Indian economic situations and the change in the demographic and socio economic mix of the Indian population, there has been a drastic need of improvement in healthcare sector in India. This challenge can be addressed through concerted efforts of both Public and Private sectors by their agreeing on workable terms and many state governments have undertaken health sector reforms in the form of collaborative efforts with the private sector through Public Private Partnership (PPP).

This paper explores the overall perspective of the Human Resource Management (HRM) strategic role in potentially contributing to the health sector development. A narrow focus over the definition of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) must better comprehend the micro basis of HRM in gaining the strategic advantage. The PPP modality emphasized on the proper integration of the fit of human resource practices with business strategies and to generate competitive advantage. Human capital role in the typical format of PPP in this respect is quintessential and the study also highlights the necessity to entails the idea of proving the mix of different human resource competencies in elevating the health sector PPP initiatives.

Keywords: Human Resource, Health Sector, Public Private Partnership, Human Capital and     Strategic Advantage.

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Categories: April 2014