Impact of tourist satisfaction on tourism – A case study of tourism in Shimla town

Indian hill stations are a traveler’s paradise, gifted with deep gorges, lush green valleys, snowy peaks and vibrant flora and fauna. Himachal Pradesh has been one of the hilly states of India. The state has numerous diversities in its geographical appearance. The capital city of the state i.e. Shimla was inhabited by Britishers in earlier times and was their summer capital . Thus, there have been numerous buildings, temples and attractions having heritage value. It is important to understand why Tourists are attracted to hill stations. The reasons are linked to Tourism as an activity and how it can be sustained in the long run. The present study thus will be of great help for government to frame policies as to assess the level of satisfaction of tourists it is necessary to know the views of tourists about various facilities provided to them at the destination. Here, the tourists, local residents, hoteliers and local entrepreneurs of the destination can play a major role in this regards because mostly these parties frequently come into contact. Good conduct of these parties determine satisfaction level of the tourists. The survey used twenty seven statements on five point likert scale filled by tourists on questionnaires and interview schedules filled by hotel owners. The Non-parametric test i.e. Chi-square was used as a statistical technique for analysis. The results indicate that the chi-square value is significant it shows that overall tourists are satisfied with their visit to Shimla. Further the study reveals, that local traffic creates problem and parking of vehicles is also a major problem in Shimla. Last but not least this paper explains the findings and suggestions of the study.

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