Measuring Employee Happiness and its commercial reward

We all strive for happiness in our lives amidst a lifestyle where one third of our waking time is spent at work, justifying the fact that happiness studies have gained sudden attention of researchers in the past one decade. But what is disheartening is the value that people today have towards their work where it has become the imperative for sustaining the contemporary, technology-led, consumerist lifestyle. The components of Happiness have been studied to a wide degree, yet not many researchers have empirically examined what constitutes Happiness at workplace. Moreover, the current conception of ‘Happiness at work’ described by most researchers seems to have taken very surface description (meaning) of Happiness. Hence, the imperative purpose of the present research paper was to study the constituents of Happiness at Workplace and designing a scale for its assessment and also the paper attempted to find evidence that support the commercial reward of happy employees at workplace.

It was found that the web-based Happiness at workplace scale so developed has shown evidence of its reliability and also conformed to the characteristics indicated by literature.


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