Quantifying Spiritual Intelligence and its relationship with Employee Performance

A term that is gaining a lot of significance from experts in organizational studies today is Spiritual Intelligence. The subprime crisis in America and closer to home the infamous Satyam case has brought to forefront the importance of “ethics above profits”. Concepts like corporate social responsibility, stakeholder perspective, better accounting standards, business ethics and going green are doing the rounds as every organization is trying to remain afloat now by standards defined globally as being fair and sustainable. From Rational Intelligence to Emotional Intelligence we are now heading towards Spiritual Intelligence (SI).
The prime objective of the study was the development of a comprehensive instrument to measure Spiritual Intelligence and establish its reliability. Based on a survey of 32 IT professionals in India, the study gathered the relationship between spiritual intelligence and indicators of employee performance like job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The web-based Spiritual Intelligence scale has shown evidence of internal consistency and also conformed to the characteristics indicated by literature.

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