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  • India’s Future Crude Oil Requirement: Demand Projections for 2017 and 2022
  • Digital Transformation: A Step-by-step Approach towards Digitisation of Organisations

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  • Growth and Performance of small scale Industries in India – An Overview

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  • Work Life Balance
  • Impact of Web Media On Higher Education: A case study of Delhi University

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  • A Comparative Study of volatility and liquidity of BSE and NSE

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  • Stock Market Performance and Macroeconomic Variables – Theory and Critical Review of Literature
  • Status and Performance of Live Stock Sector In Eastern Region of India

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  • Association between Capital Structure And Profitability – A Comparative Study Between Automobile Companies in India
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme: A SWOT Analysis

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  • The Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Literature Review
  • Induction Training: A Need of changing business scenario

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  • Performance Appraisal of MGNREGA in Hadouti Region of Rajasthan
  • The Satyam Failure
  • The Role of Micro Finance in Financial Inclusion
  • Challenges Faced by Small Scale and Cottage Industries

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  • Simplify Issue of Intercompany Reconciliation: Use of Technology Enablement

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  • Global Views on Organisational Commitment
  • A study CSR rules under Companies Act, 2013

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  • Mobile Commerce : Implications for Markets and Marketing

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  • Environment management new mantra for sustainable business through HRM effects
  • Indian Rupee Still Bogged Down – Causes, Impact and Possible Remedies
  • E-Tailing Marketing Strategies in India
  • Leadership is just like a muscle?
  • Policies, Output, and Effectiveness in Banking: A study based on Indian Experience
  • Village Small Industries – Fuel for Rural and Social Development

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  • Limited Liability Partnership – A New form of Business

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  • Retail: A Promising change in the Indian economy
  • An Exploratory study of work life balance of Satluj jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (SVJN) employees

August 2014 Publications Archives

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Impact of tourist satisfaction on tourism – A case study of tourism in Shimla town

Indian hill stations are a traveler’s paradise, gifted with deep gorges, lush green valleys, snowy peaks and vibrant flora and fauna. Himachal Pradesh has been one of the hilly states of India. The state has numerous diversities in its geographical appearance. The capital city of the state i.e. Shimla was inhabited by Britishers in earlier […]

Rural Market in India: A treasure chest

There was a time when rural markets were once considered as a dumping ground for the outdated products as the population was considered to be laggards in adopting products, however recently the marketers have realized it that these markets have a lot of potential. Moreover presence in the rural market has not merely remained a […]

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The Growth of Revenue and Expenditure on Forestry in Himachal Pradesh

The present paper is an attempt to study the “The Growth of Revenue and Expenditure on Forestry in Himachal Pradesh”. Forests play an important role in an economy. Their growth is sine-qua-non for the process of economic development in both hilly and plain states. In hilly state like Himachal Pradesh, the scope of agricultural development […]

A Study of pattern of Household Savings – with special reference to Gorakhpur District

Savings represent excess of current income over current expenditure, which is reserved for future use and may, therefore, serve to create enduring wealth. Savings hold a pivotal position in the lives of all individuals. According to J. M. Keynes, “Savings are the sum of difference between the money incomes of individuals and their money expenditure […]

Aspects of Economic Planning in Context of Indian Economy

The economy of India has witnessed high economic performance since the initiation of economic or development planning. However, this high economic growth came, undoubtedly, with many other severe problems such as unemployment, inequality, poverty and so on. This study examines the process, aspects and scope of development planning in developing countries with special reference to […]

Spiritually Intelligent Leader: A new perspective to leadership theory

Leadership theories have been widely studied and reviewed by experts all over the world but one question that still grabs our attention is what makes a great leader?  The answer is complex.  Is it having a clear sense of direction, good decision making ability, the ability to positively influence others or inspire and encourage loyalty […]


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Role of Marketing Mix Elements in Marketing Insurance Services in India

Globally the growth of insurance is encouraging, and same is true with the Indian Insurance Sector. Insurance is emerging as one of the fastest vehicle in the panorama of the burgeoning service sector in India.Insurance is practically a necessity to business activity and is important for the growth of the economy. It is important for […]

Green Marketing – Challenges and Issues in India

Green marketing is assumed to be marketing of products which are environmentally safe. It is a phenomenon which has developed its particular importance in the modern market. In the modern and competitive world it has turned around on us as our priority to keep our ecology safe. This concept has lead to re-marketing and packaging […]

Measuring Employee Happiness and its commercial reward

We all strive for happiness in our lives amidst a lifestyle where one third of our waking time is spent at work, justifying the fact that happiness studies have gained sudden attention of researchers in the past one decade. But what is disheartening is the value that people today have towards their work where it […]

Spirituality in Business Organizations

Human beings are the most complex living organisms evolved over time by a series of adaptations to the changing environment. This modern era on earth is ruled by humans as they encompass every aspect of life. Business is no exception. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that human birth is the means to attain liberation […]

Quantifying Spiritual Intelligence and its relationship with Employee Performance

A term that is gaining a lot of significance from experts in organizational studies today is Spiritual Intelligence. The subprime crisis in America and closer to home the infamous Satyam case has brought to forefront the importance of “ethics above profits”. Concepts like corporate social responsibility, stakeholder perspective, better accounting standards, business ethics and going […]

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Based Financial Inclusion: Issues and Challenges

Financial inclusion has become an important policy objective of many countries in recent years. In India this was adopted in eleventh five year plan. Financial inclusion implies access of financial services to all segments of the society. This paper highlights the importance of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in banking institution and how it can […]

Problems and Remedies of customer Behaviour regarding insurance Products: A case study of rural area of Hisar District

Insurance is a tool that protects rural as well as urban people by providing insurance to minimize their risk. Insurance is one of the fastest growing markets in India. Unlike the foreign countries, where insurance is compulsory and lawful commitment. Insurance products and services can’t be sold forcefully, until it is asked by a consumer. […]

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A critical look on the theory and practices of interest free banking system

In this paper it is clearly mentioned about the beautiful principle of Islamic banking system on which it is primarily based, but on the other hand we should also do not forget about it is application part in a manner under the supervision of the holy Quran and the principle of Shriah. Unethical practices […]

Wealth Tax management: An overview

Abstract The Direct tax Code open for Public comments, is expected to be implemented soon. The direct tax code (DTC) along with a Discussion paper was released in August, 2009 for public comments. Since then, a number of valuable inputs on the proposal were made by experts of the country including individuals, lawyers, chartered accountants […]

What do Consumers Think of Digital Ads: An Empirical Study

What do Consumers Think of Digital Ads: An Empirical Study Abstract Over the past two decades, advertising has evolved from the traditional media to a digital one. With an alarming increase in internet users all over the world, it was obvious for advertisers to explore the internet as a new advertising delivery vehicle. Since then, […]

Role of Price in Defining the Competition in GSM (GPRS) Cellular Service market

The present research article seeks to answer whether price plays a vital role in defining the competition in GSM cellular market and study reveals that new firms may offers a heavy price discount for establishing their subscribing base and may take away a significant market portion of existing firms. Author: Jitender Chawla About the Author: […]

Reverse Moratage in India- A Critical Analysis

Abstract We all know that gradually Indian people are adopting the western culture in their daily life style. Most of the parents who are in their old age they normally don’t have someone who can take care of them. In order to help these people in generating a regular income and for providing financial securities […]

CRM in retail Industry: A research study of Retail Garment Industry in Sirsa City

Customer Relationship Management is the way to make and develop the relations with the customers because now-a-days customer is the king of the market. And in this study, the main focus is on Retail Garment Industry in Sirsa City. This research indicates about the increasing customer’s relationship rate in present scenario in the market mainly […]

Revised Schedule VI to companies Act, 1956

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had revised schedule VI of companies act, 1956 and notified the same on 1st march2011. The refreshed schedule VI shall apply to all companies from 1st April 2011 onwards.Early adoption of the revised schedule VI not permitted since schedule VI is a statutory format. Revised schedule VI is also […]

Food Security in India: Performance and Policies

Abstract Ensuringfoodsecurityoughttobeanissueofgreatimportanceforacountrylike India where more than one-third of the population is estimated to be absolutely poor and one-half of all children malnourished in one way or another. It is well known that the issues of food security have a number of dimensions that goes beyond the production,availability,and demand for food. There has been a shift […]

E-Commerce or E-Marketing: An expanding market in India

E-commerce or E- marketing is altogether a new concept for researchers keen in having idea about how marketing is exploring its new avenues in an online world .Internet has become an integral part of this growing population segment for remaining connected with friends, accessing emails, buying movie tickets and ordering food. The changing lifestyles […]

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Work Family Conflict and the Organisation

Work-life balance is a state of well-being that allows a person to manage effectively multiple responsibilities at work, at home, and in their community. It is about “living a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work, and having control over your time so one can achieve that” Our need in this article is to […]

Human Resource Management Practices in Health Sector Public Private Partnership Initiatives

With the rapid growth in the Indian economic situations and the change in the demographic and socio economic mix of the Indian population, there has been a drastic need of improvement in healthcare sector in India. This challenge can be addressed through concerted efforts of both Public and Private sectors by their agreeing on […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Role of Professionals

With the increasing thrust on best governance practices, there is renewed emphasis on ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR). Enlightened managements have been embracing an extended role of trusteeship for the society. With a view to strengthen the trend, the Companies Bill, 2012, which has been passed by Parliament and is awaiting Presidential assent, also makes […]

Capital Account Convertibility in India

Capital Account Convertibility (CAC) has been regarded by modern economists as one of the hallmarks of a developed country, the enduring endgame in globalization. One of the most persuasive arguments for capital account liberalization is that globalization has come to stay and those developing countries needs to be part of the global financial integration […]

Women Entrepreneurs: Shaping Reality

From day one women has been kept confined to the four walls of her house. She has been burdened with all the household chores and maintaining the domestic responsibilities. Even though she has started managing both home as well as outside world of business, still the perceptions about women have not been able to […]

Financial Restructuring- An Overview

Finance is the life blood of business. A unit may fall sick because of a major lubricant i.e., finance. There are various mechanisms available to a firm for revival. Financial Restructuring is a favored mechanism for firms in red. Whatever the type of business, an appropriate financial structure is crucial if growth and development […]

Audit of Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department is the subsystem of a company which attracts, retain and groom top-class talent. One of the key challenges for an organization is aligning the goals, targets, motivation, and behaviour of the very best employees with the values and business goals of the organization so that management by objective can be […]

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Fortune at the Bottom of Pyramid- A Change of View

Bottom of pyramid is seen as an opportunity by the multinational companies they try to serve the poor with low quality low price product which prove out to be unhygienic for users or by making good amount of profits and diverting the spending […]

A study of Financial Inclusion Progress in India

Author: Ms. Monika About the Author: Assistant Professor, Moti Lal Nehru College (Eve.), Delhi University Abstract The Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India have been making concerted efforts to promote financial inclusion as one of the important national objectives of the country.  Some of the major efforts made in the last five […]

International Transactions and Custom Revenue – An Emperical Study

The custom duty is a very important part of government revenue. This research paper provides a broad view about the custom revenue trend during recent previous years. As […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Tool to Build Brand Image

Author: Ms. Garima About the Author: Assistant Professor at Zakir Husain Post Graduate Evening College, Delhi University Email id: Co-Author: Mr. Rajeev Gupta About the Author: Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University E-mail: Co-Author: Ms. Dimpy Handa About the Author: Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University E-mail: […]

Impact of Financial Inclusion Indian Context

Author: Ms. Arushi Gaur About the Author: Assistant Professor E-mail: Co-Author: Mrs Sushma Sharma About the Author: Assistant Professor E-mail: Abstract A well-developed financial system brings poor people into the mainstream of the economy and allows them to contribute more actively to their personal economic development. In India, in an attempt to improve […]

Characteristic Regression Line of Components of S&P CNX Nifty and S&P BSE Sensex

Author: Ms. Dimpy Handa About the Author: Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University E-mail: Co-Author: Ms. Garima About the Author: Assistant Professor at Zakir Husain Post Graduate Evening College, Delhi University E-mail: Co-Author: Mr. Rajeev Gupta About the Author: Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University E-mail: Abstract […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility under Companies Act, 2013

The recently enacted Companies Act 2013 is landmark legislation and is likely to have far-reaching consequences on all companies operating in India. The Companies act 1956 had been in existence for over fifty five years and had been amended several times. The erstwhile Companies Act 1956 (the ‘1956 Act’) appeared to be somewhat ineffective […]

Green Marketing: A Challenge and Need for today’s Business World

Green marketing, which is also termed as environmental or sustainable marketing, is the effort made by any business organization, large or small to design and promote products that are eco-friendly. The main idea behind green marketing has been re-marketing of products that are already manufactured, which adhere to certain environmental guidelines. According to scientists, the world […]

Market Risk Management in Banks

With the help of this paper the author wants to explain the current scenario of marketing risk and its management in Banks. Market risk is the risk that market variables will move and result in profits or losses on positions kept. Market risk arises from trading activities in order to facilitate client transactions and […]

WTO’s Bali Package- Indian Context

WTO, established on 1 January 1995 as a successor to the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), comprises of 160 members accounting for over 97% of the world trade. WTO is a trade regulatory body for the promotion of the world trade on fair and equitable basis. It recognizes the importance of equating […]

Micro-finance: Special Reference to Self-help Group Bank Linkage Programme (SHG-BLP)

India faces grave problem of poverty and its alleviation is the need of the hour. The current plan emphasizes on the need of achieving faster, sustainable and inclusive growth by increasing employment opportunities and other means of earning livelihood. Micro finance plays an important role here. There are various types of micro financing. The […]

Performance Appraisal System – A Conceptual Framework

Recently most of management attention is being directed towards the development of ‘valid and equitable performance appraisal systems.  Finding new ways to increase the performance of their employees has been regulated by the momentum of performance appraisal systems. The managers should have a good understanding of what appraisal is? How accurate the appraisal can […]

Superiority of EVA Over Traditional Performance Measures- A Case Study

This study aims to demonstrate the comparison between EVA and other traditional measures of corporate performance, taking a real-life case study of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), a FMCG major in the Indian Corporate sector. It concludes that EVA is superior to traditional measures of corporate performance in terms of shareholders’ value creation. It also […]

Jan 2014 Publications Archives

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A Scathing Review of CSR towards Consumers in accordance of ISO 26000 window: A Case Study

Author: Geeta Devi About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail: Abstract Business organizations are more pertain about their impact on consumers to sell their products and services. The aim of profit maximization is not enough, therefore businesses need is to do more for betterment of […]

Behavioural analysis of Selected Indian Companies through ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines

Author: Geeta Devi About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail:   Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility has become a policy with priority for every business enterprise all over the world. Moreover, it has been given priority as a tool of intensifying sustainable development. In present, consumers […]

Linking Carbon Markets in India and Europe – A case study

Author: Hema Nagpal About the Author: Assistant Professor, Delhi University   Abstract India, being one of the leading generators of CERs through CDM, has a large scope in emissions trading. Its 2008 National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) specifies eight national missions for 2017 that centre on improving: energy efficiency, solar technology, sustainable habitats, […]

Role of GATS in Financial Services Sector

Author: Anshu Jain About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail:   Co-Author: Geeta Devi About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail:   Abstract A service is a product of human activity aimed at satisfying the needs […]

Hedging Efficiency of Stock Futures in the Indian Market

Author: Anshu Jain About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail:   Co-Author: Viney Narang About the Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College, Delhi University E-mail:   Abstract “Derivatives” trading have a long presence in the Indian market. It has […]