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Process to Publish Articles

Please mail your Articles to or Submit them here

A fees of Rs.1000 INR  or $20 USD (For International Applicants) will be charged once your article is selected for publication. Transaction details will be shared via email.

Publishing Guidelines

Please follow the publishing guidelines and copyright information before submitting any article for publishing.

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Download Copyright – Warranty and Authorization Form


Q. What are the things I should keep in mind to get my article published?

A. Article writing is an art. We are trying to list a few things below to improve the article readability and help authors smoothly complete the publication process.

  • Article should have your own original assessment, reviews and thoughts. An article passes through multiple checks such as plagiarism and reviews, before being published.
  • Article should follow standards from the publication team such as font size, format and other processes.
  • Article should have all important sections to ensure its completeness. Such as Article name, Author (s) detail, Abstract, Main section, Conclusion and References.


Q. To submit my article, what are the steps?

A. Below are the steps to publish your article –

  • Check that the article follows standards mentioned by the editors. Please refer to the ‘Publishing Guidelines’ section.
  • Share your article by sending mail to the Editing team. (mail id
    Editing team will share acknowledgment about receipt of your article within next 3 working days. If not received, please mail to for follow-up.
  • Editing team will do quality control checks and review on the shared article by you. They will inform you within next 3-4 days, depending on the availability of reviewer (s), if your article has been selected for publication/ not.
  • Along with confirmation of article publication, editing team will inform you about the Fee and Method of Sharing.
  • Author is required to share the copyright form and scanned copy of cheque/ draft for fee payment via mail to
  • Once all formalities are met, the article will be published online by 1st Sunday of every month. Author will also receive a confirmation mail from the editorial team on the article published.
  • Note – We suggest that the Author should submit the article at least 7 working days in advance to have higher chances of the article being published.


Q. Will I be receiving any hard copy of the publication?

A. No, we are an online publication and do not share any hard copy.


Q. How much fees do you charge?

A. The Fee charged can be referred on the website under section ‘Author Resources’.


Q. Do I need to follow any standards for publication?

A. Yes. The standards are shared on the website. Please refer to the ‘Publishing Guidelines’ section. Author(s) need to follow the same.